Finding family and community with i9 Sports

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    The Merlick family

Jerry Merlick estimates that his four children have played more than 25 seasons of i9 Sports. If you break that down, that’s more than 300 games combined. What’s more, Jerry has coached each of his child’s teams at least one season. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate i9 Sports family, the Merlicks are it.

“We’ve had a great experience,” said Merlick. “The attention to detail of the organization is awesome. The desire to meet the needs of the parents and family is second to none.”

The Merlicks’ two daughters and two sons have competed in all of the i9 Sports — basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. Although, games and practices keep them busy most weekends, the Merlicks have found that the i9 mantra, “The Way Youth Sports Should Be” has allowed for quality family time away from the field or court.

“At this early age, the scheduling and games is just right. With practices and games on the same day, it means we don’t have to sacrifice family time for sports,” said Merlick.

The coaching experience has been fruitful as well.

“Personally, I think it’s important to encourage kids to try their hardest,” said Merlick. “I enjoy seeing a kid who was a bit timid at the beginning improve and become a solid contributor toward the end of the season.”

“i9 Sports also creates community. I get to know my children’s friends and their parents. We have fun after the games. We all need a sense of community, and i9 definitely provides that.”

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Article by SportsXpress and photos by i9 Sports & the Merlick family