Swim, Bike, Run, Fun! at Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy’s Junior Triathlon Training

It’s a Tuesday afternoon at Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy. Dozens of kids stream through the doors; it’s a human hurricane of after-school activity. A growing number of kids huddle near the pool waiting for…

Capital City Summer League: Summer swim program going strong for 12 years

For the last 11 years, most Saturdays in the summer have meant one thing in the Chalmers household —swim meets. For more than a decade, Kayla and Cory Chalmers have watched their children swim for…

“Coach” Hansen Relishing New Role; Former Olympic swimmer leads Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy

It was the summer of 2012 and Brendan Hansen had just collected his sixth Olympic medal. His competitive swimming career was over and he traveled the country recounting his story and reliving Olympic glory. Then,…