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Hope4Minds Starts Concussion Group in Austin

Hope4Minds, a 501(c)(3) public charity serving children with an acquired brain injury through support and education, has partnered with former UT Cheerleader, Kaitlyn Behnke, to start a Concussion Support Group. Kaitlyn started gymnastics at age three, and she fell in love…

Free Your Fitness: Looking for More “Life Changers” in Southwest Austin

Manny Hernandez, owner of Free Your Fitness, can’t stop talking about the “Life Changers” that walk into his gym every day. These are individuals who have made the decision to make the necessary changes to…

Archer’s Challenge: “Wheelchair Workout!”

 Archer Hadley spent October 10-15 challenging hundreds of Austinites to spend some portion of their workday in a wheelchair. On Saturday, 20 of his friends at TitanEvolution found out just how hard Archer works out. For…