Mom turned coach sees son find love of sports

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When your child finds something they love, you nurture that enthusiasm and offer en-couragement. But, when your kid really wants it and achieves success, that’s when we become proud parents. That’s what happened to Neetu Arora when her son found baseball through i9 Sports.

“My little guy is not the sportiest and I was looking for a sport that was eye and hand coordination-based to help him develop this skills. My most important goal was to find a sport he would be passionate about and willing to work hard for. As part of this endeavor, I took on the task of becoming a coach and working with his team. This was honestly the most eye-opening and awesome experience I have ever had. The i9 community was inspiring and my five-year-old found a sport that he really loves.

“At the end of the season, my little guy wanted to practice and was willing to put in the effort so he could hit a home run on the field. This never happened but for the first time he was working hard to make it happen. Watching his efforts week after week, I learned an important lesson. Sports isn’t just about getting hits, scoring points and winning. My little guy showed me that it’s about falling in love with an activity that you may not necessarily be good at, but having the will to get better at it. At the end of the day, the effort you put in makes you proud.” – Neetu Arora

i9 Sports is a youth sports program for kids at any skill level with a focus on FUN, fun-damentals and healthy competition. i9 provides year-round sports leagues in baseball, basketball, flag football, lacrosse and soccer for kids in Central Texas. Volleyball will be introduced this winter for the first time and will offer a a much-needed option for many young girls in the area.

“We got a ton of requests to start volleyball,” said Austin i9 Sports Owner, Justin Canon. “It’s been very difficult for some parents to find
a solid recreational volleyball program that is affordable. This will allow more young girls to learn the game.”

Article by SportsXpress and photos by i9 Sports